What My Clients Are Saying

P.F., President, Residential Design and Construction Company

“I have worked with Susan since 2007; during this time she has provided critical Business Coaching and Life Coaching. Susan offers a rare blend of business acumen and a deeply intuitive perspective to the issues that I bring to her. I have received business guidance on hiring new employees and coaching existing staff with greater understanding of their abilities. I have also gained insight into business cycles, feedback on future oriented business plans, legal issues, and working with difficult clients. On the personal side, Susan has coached me through complex and unexpected life and family challenges. Working with Susan has given me the insight and support to be successful. It has been one of the best decisions I have made in the last decade”

A.D.Y., CEO of an International Infrastructure Development Corporation

"I have been working with Susan for the several years and have come to appreciate Susan's input, which is always given within a proper context, and the explanation of trends is always consistent. Having a legal background, Susan's responses are measured in language so that the meaning of the message is not lost in hyperbole. Susan is honest and straightforward, she is clear and up front about what she can and cannot do. She never provides responses to questions unless she herself is comfortable; she will always take the time to make sure that what she does is accurate so that the response is provided on the basis of proper thought, reflection and understanding. Whether running a business or one's personal affairs, Susan is a very competent, honest person and her input provides strategic support when needed in real time."

C.E., Executive (Fortune 100 Company)

"There are so many demands and decisions to be made with striving to be the best person, wife, mother, and business executive that I can be. I find the time that I spend with Susan invaluable to designing the life of my dreams, both personally and professionally. Through Susan's guidance, I re-clarify what is truly important and essential in my life. Her intuitive insights help to remind me of what I know in my heart and keep me on my path with love, hope and joy. I know that I am better in all aspects of my life because of her."

Stefanos Efstratoudakis, President, Stefco Construction Corporation

"It is like this: At some point you need to clear the fog. You know there is a turn on the road ahead, but you can't see it. The fog won't let you. Susan will. She will let you see the turn, and she will also tell you what could be after the turn. She will answer your questions, and she will tell you which questions you should be asking. She can show you another road that you did not even realize existed. It is amazing. I consult with Susan for our company and future projects, and she is accurate on the facts, even to the days. She sees complex situations and shows us their actual impact. The fog is cleared, and it is now up to us to drive."

Gary Scott, Publisher, North Carolina

"There are times in our business when logic and linear thinking is not enough to guide the way. When we come across times when the logic does not make sense or when we need to see beyond the obvious, we turn to our friend Susan Rotman. We find that her acute intuition combined with her business and legal background always provides us with practical and useful insights that help us in the decision making process."

Darwin Gillett, President, Noble Business Solutions

"Susan has been invaluable to me as an advisor on major business strategy challenges and people issues. I consult with her whenever I have major decisions to make, or just want to stand back with her to assess how my business is going and what else I can do to make it thrive."