What My Clients Are Saying

David Spangler, Writer and Spiritual Teacher

"Susan is a gifted intuitive and teacher who guides others in discovering and applying their inner resources. Her background is that of an attorney and mediator, and she brings outstanding skills, a keen intellect and integrity to her work with inner contacts. I have always been impressed with the clarity and accuracy of her work. When I need to cross-check my own insights or spiritual contacts, Susan is one I will turn to with confidence for peer review. For anyone seeking vision and strategic direction, Susan has a great deal to offer. I wholeheartedly recommend her."

Astrid Rothmund Lewis, Boston

"Susan is a guide, a teacher and an inspiration. She has guided me to my inner truth, the place within me that I was reluctant to see. Beautiful changes in my life stem from her guidance. She has taught me that I have the ability to get in touch with my own deeper intuition. She continues to inspire me to keep all my senses soft and open to be receptive for a more expansive world. I feel very blessed that our paths have crossed."

Dr. Rodney L. Jones, Massachusetts

"Susan's insight, advice and guidance have shown me strategies and opportunities, both professional and personal, that I would have otherwise missed."

L.Z., Architect, New York

"Through Susan's assistance I have significantly awakened a God given component - intuition, to be a part of my decision-making in crucial business and everyday matters. Being aware of your intuition allows your inherent abilities to flow in what you enjoy most. More time and energy is spent in the right direction. There is a significant difference in the end result."

Jay Gallagher, Chicago

"Susan sees beyond the veil and goes straight to the core of my true, authentic self. Having met at a weekend seminar she presented, I was quite struck by how familiar she seemed in conversation. When talking about my business as a real estate developer she pinpoints issues of some of the people I'm dealing with that are remarkably insightful. Verbalizing things that are deeper in my conscience regarding myself or people surrounding me is a tremendous help in sorting things out and making decisions for a clearer, better future."

S.V.B., Writer, France

"When making major decisions I find there are many different voices talking at the same time, giving me different and often conflicting advice. Then I don't know which one to listen to. Which one is the wise one? The wisest seems to be the quietest and least obvious - hidden behind all the chatter of the others. Susan helps to make me aware of that quiet voice. She comes up with advice and observations that I recognize and this helps me to trust that soft wise voice."